What is The Meaning of Quality Child Care?

Teacher and the kids in a daycare centerThe verdict is out on the impact of daycare on children. The grand conclusion is that quality of care – not necessarily form of care – makes a big difference in the cognitive and behavioral development of kids. So, a three-year-old under the care of a grumpy impatient parent can be just as damaging as a poorly run preschool or daycare. The findings beg another question: what constitutes great child care? Here are things to look out for in any Phoenix day care center, or elsewhere:


An environment that’s filled with joy and optimism is a good place for a child to be. As a parent then, your most important job to get yourself happy. Your professional and personal fulfillment will serve as an example for your little ones. For the same reason, choose a daycare where teachers are not only competent but happy. Ask about teacher turn-over rates and take note of communication habits. Is it an optimistic and positive environment? Are the teachers and staff warm and caring? When kids are under the care of those who genuinely love children, then your little angels are in good hands.


Although independence is a good trait to develop in children, at very early stages of their development, it is also vital to show them a good degree of attention. Too little is just as harmful as too much. Many behavioral problems are, after all, rooted in the need for more attention. So, it is important for kids to feel reassured that they are seen, heard and understood. Moms and dads should spend time getting to know their children, as well as engaging them in meaningful conversation and fun play. Similarly, a daycare facility must have enough personnel to see to the needs of every child. Look for a school with a low teacher and child ratio.

Age-appropriate Language and Activities

A good day care provider should see the world in the eyes of the child and choose age-appropriate activities that engage and stimulate them. Professionally-trained teachers are able to develop games that activate young minds and to use the right language with children, as well as to advise and assist parents in these matters.

Quality day care in Phoenix is definitely something you should invest in because it impacts a multitude of areas in a growing child’s life including memory, cognitive ability, emotional intelligence and social skills. Start your assessment with the above characteristics of quality child care.