Ways to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

a woman reading at a cafeReading comprehension is important because you may have to use it in your daily life. With fake news spreading so quickly, you’ll need analytical thinking to identify the truth and context. It is not just about getting a good SAT score; this provides you with a lifelong skill.

Online schools such as The American Academy have ways to help high school students improve their reading comprehension.

Evaluate Your Current Level

Before you try to make improvements, understand your ability first. This approach allows you to identify your limitations and learn which aspects you need to improve. Read different types of texts, such as books, novels, reports, news features, and more. While reading, see if your energy, understanding, or attention begins to wane.

Once you understand your ability (such as loss of concentration after 30 minutes), try to boost your “reading stamina” slowly. Avoid pushing yourself beyond your limitations. Doing so is counterproductive, and you may even forget what you already read. In some cases, “stamina” may not be the case; it may be context, character development, connecting the dots, and more. The next steps may help you in this regard.

Learn More Words

Comprehension also relies on vocabulary and the context of the words used. You’ll need the ability to understand the movement and play of words to decipher the meaning of a text. In some cases, you can pick up the definition of an unknown word by using clues and the words that precede and succeed it. When you find a word that you don’t understand, look it up; it helps to have a dictionary on hand while reading.

Read as a Hobby

Finally, don’t think of reading as a chore or necessary evil. Make it a pleasurable and leisurely activity; look for books about topics interesting to you. Read these regularly. Integrating reading into your daily life allows you to build vocabulary, learn how to contextualize, and become a better writer.

These are some of the techniques you can try to improve your comprehension skills. Learning how to comprehend text is not just a skill for tests; it’s something that you can use for work and life.