Training Wheels Off: Prepping Your Child for Primary School

Children In SchoolPrimary school is one of the several steps your youngster will take to reach real independence, and this step will be a major one. As you drive your child to a primary school in Dubai, remember that this is the age where they have to take in more responsibilities. They will finally learn how to count and use money, be liable for school activities and homework, and discuss timetables.

Your child will even get to interact with a broader peer group, control several tasks and needs simultaneously, and have independent transport. Here are some steps to get them ready:

Buy School Supplies Together

Go shopping with your youngster and ensure that you buy all the supplies they require before their first day of primary school. Do not forget to get their school bag, books, stationery, uniforms and shoes.

Talk about Meeting New Friends

Going to a new school means making new friends and saying goodbye to old ones. Give your child advice on how to make new friends and assure them that they will still get to spend time with their pre-school buddies. During the first couple of months, schedule playdates with their old friends, so they still get to keep these friendships.

Do a Transport Dry Run

Whether you are going to take public transport, walk to school together or use the school bus, do a transport dry run together. Rehearse waking up in the morning, riding to school and doing it in reverse when you come back home.

Teach Your Youngster about Safety

Discuss all the various situations that your youngster might face in school that might threaten their safety. Explain what they should do in case another child or an adult makes them feel uncomfortable. Discuss how to handle road safety problems, fire safety procedures, dangers in talking to strangers and the risks of leaving school grounds unattended.

The pre-school your child went to probably integrated a primary school preparation programme. Nevertheless, you can help your child adjust easier with the steps above.