Sparking One’s Love for Learning Should be Key to Success

Students learning and loving schoolThere is plenty to be said about the quality of education in Singapore. All of them good things, considering the emphasis put in by the government and individual institutions into bettering the education system. Plenty of opportunities await those who complete higher education, as well.

Where Academic Achievements Take You

Earning one’s credentials through completing a college degree opens opportunities for career improvement in the corporate world. There is also the notion that qualifying for scholarships in Singapore is one way to give an individual an advantage when pursuing their chosen path. Companies certainly have a preference when it comes to hiring employees, and nothing is stopping them from deciding to hire those from a certain school over another.

Waiting for the Government

While these seem favourable, there is the debate on whether education has turned into a gruelling task for individuals rather than an enjoyable path to seeking knowledge. The government is expected to change the benchmarks for success, such as comparing one’s grades to another person’s.

According to critics, measuring an individual’s skills should only be used to determine what industry they would fit in, instead of limiting their choices when they fail to reach favourable marks. There is also the concern that education has become so disjoint with personal happiness and that there is no other choice because it is what employers expect when they hire employees. Moreover, it seems to degrade the value of courses related to the arts, as they are not dealing with hard sciences.

Education needs to not feel like a burden or a requirement; Singaporeans need to start looking at it again as a way to enrich their minds. Governments and institutions should proactively work on making learning an enjoyable process, and to achieve this, the system should be doling out opportunities that fit a person’s skills, not the grades they have received.