Parenting 101: Why Centre-Based Child Care Is The Best Option

Children during story timeMore families are beginning to see both parents working to provide financial support to family members. In several cases, it could mean having no one left at home to take care of the children. The most common solutions are to have in-home child care such as nannies or opt for centre-based care, wherein parents send their children to a child care centre for the day and then fetch them after work.

Because of the many benefits of a centre-based child care approach, parents should consider it to take advantage of the financial benefits they receive and the long-term learning benefits their children will get out of it.

Age-Appropriate Activities

Most child care centres provide early education components for their children, allowing them to learn as they play. Compared to being left at home, children spend the day with other children and gain social and cognitive abilities with qualified staff.

Lyndel Child Care Center stresses the importance of this, saying children need to have educational, stimulating experiences where they can improve their mental and social abilities, which cannot be worked on if they are kept at home.

Subsidised Child Care

On average, parents would need to spend about $102.49 a day for each of their children.  This is why the Australian Government provides subsidies called Child Care Benefit (CCB).

However, this subsidy comes with conditions. The amount of subsidy is based on a parent’s income, the number of children, and other factors. The children must also be immunised, and the parents must enrol their children in CCB-approved or registered child care centres to qualify.

Trained and Experienced Staff

Registered child care centres require accreditation and compliance with the government’s standards of child care. Child care centres must adhere to this and make sure that each age group is adequately monitored by the right amount of experienced, highly-qualified staff.

Parents who would like to take advantage of the financial benefits and long-term benefits for their child should opt to send their children to a child care centres at an early age.