How to Make Your Children Love Books and Learning

Reading BookThere are many reasons why children turn into lifelong book lovers. They could have read a particular children’s book that captured their imagination and opened them up to the enchanting world of fiction. Some may have encountered a teacher who assigned great books for reading that prompted their thirst for more fine writing. There are even cases where parents have inspired a child’s appreciation for books because of their love for literature.

Here are some ways you can nurture a love of reading in children.

1. Read aloud.

Reading aloud comes naturally to many new parents. However, not all of them can keep it up. Reading to children can be a wonderful experience. They learn to listen and become familiar with the sound of words.
Your child will not only remember the story they will also cherish that moment with you. You could also read them non-fiction books if they love the natural world and are interested in history and science. Once they are ready, you could introduce them to classic children’s books, such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Peter Rabbit.

2. Influence them and encourage their reading interests

It’s typical for children to turn into book lovers when they see their parents and siblings enjoy the activity. Read together and create your family book club.

If your child is interested in mythology, encourage them to read popular novels that touch their interest. Encourage them to read everything so they could judge what is good for them.

In the end, it’s your actions and influence that will determine whether your kids would develop a love for reading. Make regular visits to the library a habit. Buy new books for your children and teach them how to care for them. If you teach children the value of knowledge and wisdom through storytelling, they will certainly grow up to love not only books but learning too.