Landing that First Job in the IT Industry

IT Professional standing in the server roomGraduating from college is not the end of things. It is, in fact, the beginning. This is where you start forging your path to success and following your calling. If you graduated an IT-related course, you’d find it challenging to get that first job unless you’re the best in your class.

Here’s how you can improve your chances:

Get Certified

Big companies like Facebook and Google are looking for developers who are well-rounded and can perform various roles for the company. A CertBlaster CompTIA A+ practice test will help you prepare for the certification, which will make your resume stand out from other IT practitioners who are trying for the same job. Now, all that’s left is for you to practice answering their questions, so you look confident in that interview.

Join Events

Job fairs are just the first step in getting your resume out there. You can also join hackathons to showcase your skills, not in talking, which interviews focus on. Hackathons show potential employees your work ethics and how you perform under pressure. Above all, these activities show your IT skills, which is ultimately what matters in the job you will be hired for.

Create a Professional Website

No employee will believe that you are a professional if you can’t even design something for yourself. Your personal website is your calling card. It will show how you present yourself, and it will give employees an idea of what you’re capable of. You can do that without saying a word. If you’re looking for a career in the IT industry, you need to work on personal branding to open opportunities.

Your career can start in a modest-paying job, or you can land a stellar first job with a little more effort. Here’s to building a good career that secures your future.