How to Properly Prepare for Your ACLS Certification Exam

people taking an examSo you are finally done with your ACLS course. Congratulations! Now, the next step is taking the ACLS certification exam, which can be nerve-wracking, as this will determine whether you can be a healthcare provider in the future.

Handling an emergency is not easy, which is why the board prepared this exam — to make sure that you are a hundred percent ready to take on this new role. Leo Life Saving Skills cites tips on how to pass your ACLS certification exam with flying colors.

1. Review the possible case scenarios.

In the emergency and healthcare field, many scenarios can happen. Do your research and review all of the possible cases that can take place in the field.

Your instructor has probably taught you most of these cases before, so make sure to take a look back at those and remember what you should do when that specific case arises. Most of the questions in the exam will be about scenarios and what you should do when faced with a similar situation.

2. Spend your time memorizing the algorithms.

You will face with a couple of algorithms during the exam, so make sure to review each one associated with the ACLS course. Here is a list of algorithms that you could face with during the exam:

  • Adult Bradycardia Algorithm
  • Adult Tachycardia Algorithm
  • Opioid-Associated Life-Threatening Emergency Algorithm
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS) Algorithm
  • Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
  • Adult Suspected Stroke Algorithm
  • Adult BLS Algorithm
  • Immediate Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Algorithm
  • Unstable Tachycardia Algorithm

3. Memorize the medications plus their dosages.

Emergency situations call for emergency medicine intake. You should know exactly what medicine to give your patient and how much of it you should give. This will appear in the exam, so make sure to know the exact dosage of each one and what to give your patients in times of emergency situations.

There is no cheat sheet when it comes to acing the ACLS certification exam. Take the course seriously, and you will surely pass.