Fun Activities to Encourage Learning With Your Child

kids playing with water colorsChildren’s first three to five years are crucial for their cognitive learning and development. This is a time when their curiosity starts to pick up, and they want to explore the world around them. Parents have a special role in helping the little ones grow at this stage.

With play, just about everything can be a fun adventure. If your kid is already attending a preschool education program here in Phoenix, supplement his or her classes with these activities that you can enjoy together at home:

Do Puzzles

Simple jigsaw puzzles help kids develop perseverance, finger strength, and problem-solving abilities. Their motor skills also become more refined as they move the pieces and put them in their right positions. Look for puzzles that have pegs to make it easy for their little hands to use them.

Do an Outdoor Color Hunt

Another basic skill that children should understand is identifying the shades of the rainbow. Do a scavenger hunt to make things more interesting instead of simply asking what each hue is. Send your little one out into the yard to find something from every color of the rainbow.

Soon they will be back with a yellow leaf, a red ball, a blue bike, and more.

Trace Letters

Many preschoolers are big fans of drawing. They might even make funny faces and people with stick limbs all day if you allowed them. Use this penchant for art to encourage learning the alphabet. Buy specialty paper meant for tracing letters like those with red dotted guide lines.

This will help your kid remember these new shapes. Draw the letters in pencil and have your child write over your marker with colored pens.

Various studies show how important early childhood development is for children. To make the most of your kid’s early stages, be sure to guide and inspire them to keep on knowing more about the world.