5 Reasons Children Need Music Lesson

Kids playing different instrumentsAs a parent, you might see music as an unnecessary activity for your child. So, enrolling your child in a music class may not be at the top of your list. But did you know that learning a musical instrument can improve the cognitive skills of children?

Here are some more advantages of attending music lessons in Lehi, Utah.

Better Memory, Concentration, and Attention

According to recent studies, musically trained people have better memory skills than their non-musically trained counterparts. This is because learning to play a musical instrument teaches children to use their memory at all times. And while playing an instrument, children also need to pay close attention to the piece they are playing, which teaches them to focus and concentrate for long periods.

Improved Academic Skills

You may not believe it but music and math are closely intertwined. Have you noticed that musical notes also come in fractions? By learning music, children are also improving their math skills. Not only that, they also end up with better reading and comprehension skills.

Enhanced Motor Skills

Music also helps enhance their hand-eye coordination. Playing a musical instrument requires the brain to read and translate the notes at advanced speeds so that the body can convert it into the physical actions of playing the instrument.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Music teaches children that there is always room for improvement and that they shouldn’t feel bad about criticisms. While learning music, it’s only normal to make mistakes. Music teachers will teach them that constructive criticisms are not meant to make them feel bad, but to help them improve.

Teaches Responsibility

Musical instruments, just like any sports gear, need regular maintenance to function properly. For example, some instruments need to be oiled, cleaned, and tuned regularly. This helps create a level of responsibility that also helps children excel at school.

It’s never too early to teach your child to play musical instruments. Find the right school and instructor to make sure your child will learn successfully and excel.