5 Must-Read Tips in Preparing for the SAT

Student taking an SAT examIn the course your high school career, you’ll probably be taking a lot of exams. You’ll fail some of it and think that it’s just a test and you’ll get the next one. However, you have to know that some tests are more important than others. The SAT is a perfect example for that.

The SAT is a requirement for all universities or colleges in the United States. It can account for almost 50 percent of your admission decision. Hence, getting a high score is necessary. The SAT determines how prepared you are for college and how your skills compare with your peers nationwide. It measures your key skills such as computational ability, reading comprehension, and clarity of expression.

There are a lot of ways to prepare for the SAT: you can get SAT prep courses in Florida or maybe get some practice tests online. It doesn’t matter what process you will be undertaking, as long as it works for you it’ll be fine. Here are some tips that can help you nail the SAT to the finish:

1. Know what to expect

You don’t have to have a deep understanding of the SAT. You just have to know its content and format. It has reading and writing, math, and the optional essay. On the test day, you’d have 65 minutes for reading, 25 for writing and language, 25 minutes for the no calculator math test, 55 minutes for the calculator math test.

2. Make a study plan

It’s wise to take a formative assessment or a diagnostic test before you start your plan. In this way, you would know which areas you have to review further.

3. Ask for help

Studying shouldn’t be a solo activity. You can learn more from other, so set aside time for group study. You can ask help from family members, mentors, and teachers. They can give you tips and even quiz you. You can also consider taking a formal tutor or get prep course. A tutor can help you in absorb all the content and even give you tips on finishing the test quickly.

4. Take practice tests

Take slow practice tests. With this, you can spend time in understanding the questions and answering them to stay engaged. Once you are confident with the content, you can start doing practice tests and begin simulating the actual testing conditions.

5. Make logistic preparations

Make sure that you arrive early on the testing day. You don’t need additional stress on this important day. Pack your bag a few days before the test. Bring a calculator that you are familiar with. Have plans and back up plans. Remember, remain calm and focused.

Plan your course of action. Make your schedule. After taking the exam, write everything that you weren’t familiar with. Take a note of the issues that you have encountered. If in any case, you are not satisfied with your SAT score you can retake it.