3 Reasons You Want to Pass the A Plus Exam

woman very happy about the letter she receivedWhen you’re an IT professional, you have a lucrative career ahead of you. Many companies and businesses put a premium on those with the skill set to handle the evolving technology that these businesses rely upon. To stay ahead of the curb, you have to get CompTIA certification.

If you’re on the fence about the CertBlaster A Plus practice test, here are three benefits to you and your career of passing the examination for yourself.

Proof of Seriousness

One challenge of IT being such a popular field is that professionals are a dime a dozen and it’s difficult for companies to pick the best. If that’s you, then it can get frustrating when you’re passed over. By passing the A Plus examination, you show that you are serious enough in your craft to invest in certifying it. Because this exam and its umbrella certification are recognized by some of the best companies in the world, it matters.

Better Opportunities

Because these exams are recognized are by the best companies in the world, taking and passing these are your key to better opportunities in your career. Even just the most basic component—which will require an A Plus practice test—can get you a leg in if the skills covered by this exam are preferred by the companies hiring. Coming part and parcel of this particular benefit is a much higher salary cap for you in your career.

More Lucrative Certifications

As mentioned above, the A Plus exam is just the most fundamental component of the overall CompTIA certification. Passing it will open you up to the other tests covered in the series. This, in turn, will open you up to better job opportunities in even more prominent companies—which come with bigger salaries. Additionally, from a psychological perspective, passing this exam will give you the confidence to pass further exams.

If you want a leg up in your IT career, the A Plus is a great first step towards CompTIA.